Games are further categorized into styles to help you in
case you're looking for a certain genre. Here are some
explanations and examples to help you along the way.

Bet, stay or drop ?

Bet, stay or drop ?*sigh* I can't believe how
often I've said this. Anyway, this style encompasses
all poker games here, be it strip or not. (duh)

Bring your friends

Bring your friends for a fun and interesting
evening in front of your sexy Commodore.
No need for pesky intellectual smalltalk.


Exotic games don't fit in any other category.
Either because of their unique style or because
Elvira is the only graphic adventure we have here. :)

Intellectually challenging

Some games are, uhh, intellectually challenging.
I'm talking about those mean brain-twisters that try to
make you think before showing you the good stuff.

(more or less) Interactive fiction

Interactive fiction refers to games that are mainly text-based,
more or less interactively. On one end there's full-blown text
adventures, on the other there are just some erotic stories.

Joystick lover

Are you a good joystick lover ? Then you want to play
those games that need some sort of regular, periodic joystick
movement. Hacking away at the keyboard also counts. ;)


Check these games if you need lots of action like
platformers, fighting games or everything (non-shoot
'em up) with hectic random joystick movement. ;)


Shoot 'em ups consist of SEUCK (shoot 'em up construction kit)
games, vertical and horizontal shooters and those games where
you need to aim at/catch something falling/floating at you. :-)