Of course this page thrives on dirty little users
that are willing to share some smutty software. In
other words: We want stuff your friend or neighbour
has on his Commodore. Go bug him please. :)

  • More dirty programs! :-9
  • Real pictures of any C64 porn pics, especially from games (pre 1995 please - I know all the others from the net ;-)
  • More sweet demo pictures.
  • A defender clone, but with giant, waving penises called "The Dickies" that fired cumshots at you.
  • Girlshow by FCS, pic #4
  • Hot Girls by A&S Soft
  • Hot Nights
  • Master of Masturbation demos ?
  • Mayhem stuff: Fantasy Art 4, Barb Wire (not the remake) and Pixel Love 4-11.
  • Nude by ICG (except pics 56 and 58)
  • Pam From California (you can watch Pam, an American model, in her apartment..)
  • SCHWEINEF, a SimonsBasic program where a guy leaves a brothel to fall in love with a pig. ;)
  • Sex Games 2 (?) (not Super Sex Games 2)
  • Sex Quiz male version
  • Smurf Massacre (the one with Smurfette...heheh)
  • Spanner Speedy by Brillant Software
  • Strip Nude
  • Strip Roulette
  • Strip Slotter 2000 by Brillant Software
  • Supergirls (a slideshow)
  • Who's that Girl? (a puzzle game with "hot action scenes and sexy ladies")
  • Is there a final version of Ace of Hearts ?
  • Is there a final version of Decent Strip Poker ?
  • What's the difference between the two Mad Party Fucker versions ?

Sweet thanks go out to the following people.
Thanks a lot for everything! *kiss* :-x

Acidchild for massively reducing the Wanted-list!
Alex Grosholz for Adult Show
Anthony Burns for SEUCK Games
Baracuda/Smash Designs for valuable links ;)
Ben Castricum for walkthroughs at cia.c64.org. Site dead. :-(
Ben Century for "Penthouse on a disk"
Black of Angels
Mr B. Reproach
Braindeath/Sanity for completing lotsa slides!!
Britelite / Dekadence for the Fitspeak demo. :-)
CG Shrines for their balloon idea.
Christian Fischer for lots of stuff and for a kick in the butt at the right time :)
Christian 'P00' Link for a huge pilepile!
cK! and Pizzadude for groovy fonts.
Cloneassembler for his creation
Code18 for some smutty programs.
Core321 for Flintstones, Naked Jane & Sexacuda.
Curt Coder
Daniel Kovacs for Fuckman ;)
Forrest for UCF-ESI war stuff.
David J. Citrigno for lots of smut! :)
Dosoo for Rasputin animation!
Dr. Sepe for Strip-Tease Ventti
Dr. Watson for a huge collection
Frank Reischl for Printshop pics
Gabriel for the Drive-In walkthrough, a great read. :-)
Groepaz for conversion services
Ian Coog for slideshows and DTV work
Index of Angels for sending me clean versions and then some! :)
Jack Alien for cracking Dream Girls!
Jasper van den Borne for missing Playboyshows
John M. Charroux for Varsity Team and Sex Games by F/S Soft
JSL for his amazing demos & animations
Kim Lemon for Strip Poker covers.
Laust Brock-Nannestad for the sneaky Sex Puzzle cheat.
Len Pitre for Cindy pic and info on who's who. :)
Linards Ticmanis for the thing I can't remember
Luigi Di Fraia for fixing things. Lots. :)
Martin Sigley for Astrotit
Max Geller for pointing to the Leather Goddesses of Phobos solution.
Miguel for the Male Sex Quiz!
Mike for Pornagraffiti fix.
Mike Witschi aka Mr. Joker who had way too much time! ;)
Neon Vincent for a big load!
Ninja/The Dreams for Knoops, Anime-tion and 4k-3!
Oliver Trapp for Porn 2
The Overkiller / Hokuto Force, Italian porn provider! :-)
Pablo the Playboy :)
Remko D for Delta Force Pic
René Voorburg for a dirty D64
Riner242 for Sexy Hexies
Rob Nicoletti for the Porno Show game, C64 adverts and more
Seppo for Kalenteri! :)
Shaun pearson for WEC pics
Slaygon for the c64.org alias
Stephan Schmid for demo suggestions and LOTS of screenshots!
TheRyk for never missing new bstuff and pointing me to it!
Tom & Jerry for MCM Girls 2
Volker Rust for many games when I thought I'd seen them all! :)
W3W.de, my host, for being nice despite my traffic peaks :-)

Made a Strip Poker theme remix ? Designed a banner ?
Created a funny animation/postcard ? Or are you even one
of the models that looks like us ? Then: eMail us! :-P