Marlena & Candi Tony & David Marlena & Candi Tony & David Melissa & Suzi Dominique & Lindsay Melissa & Suzi Dominique & Lindsay
Ahhh, the Artworx Strip Poker Shrine! The game that made me, er, us famous!
And Artworx is still active! I dropped them an eMail to chat about old times but
they didn't respond... :-( Hey, I bet they don't know about all those hacks like
Strip Donna & Sam (see below), Strip Poker ver2 and Maria Whittaker's version!
Here you can marvel at all the Artworx models without having to play
through the whole game. Check out Melissa and Suzi, Dominique
and Lindsay, Marlena and *blush* me or (yum!) Tony and David!
If you do want to play the game, here's the manual: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Hey, my good old pal Neon Vincent created
slideshows for the ladies and for us guys!

The following comic strip is from, number 239.
Clay (the creator) used Girls of '64 as a reference and
told me the next ARPA strip will feature Stroker. Cool.

"Strip Donna"
Two clones of our Poker game ? Well, here you can press space for fullscreen
view though. Try Poke 6916,178 and Poke 6917,65 and never drop. :) Or use
this slideshow so you don't have to play until your fingers bleed. :-) Check out
the cover. New imports (even from uncracked originals ?) are appreciated.
"Strip Sam"

As I was told, Artworx Strip Poker inspired another modern
strip poker game from VSP Interactive. Here's an unofficial
module for their game - Marlena! *Ouch* Candi, stop that!