Here's the most FAFAQ. ;-)
"I've downloaded several slideshows/games/animations [choose one] but I can't open them. What is a D64/P00 file and what do I need to watch the files ? I'm so horny please help me!"

Well, this site is about porn from the Commodore 64 era,
that means you'll need an emulator like CCS64 or VICE
to watch the slides, play the games or beat your meat.

"I am dumb but still horny, what do I do know ?"

Uh, check out this independent site:
Adult Game Reviews.

"I'm trying to play an A&S Soft game but it asks me for a number ? I hate copy protections!"

The code is written in the disk directory, do a LOAD"$",8 and LIST to
check. And no, Dream Girls doesn't have the code there, Jack Alien cracked
the game just for you. :) Oh yeah, you can type JOKER in the game for a
hint. (careful, you only have a couple - emulator saving helps :)

"I want to link to you, do you have some groovy banners ?"

Yup. Take a look.