In case you've missed some updates here's what's been
happening at your favourite place for oldschool porn! *giggle*

January 2013
There's no end to dirty C64 stuff! Some exotic files up front: Neon Vincent submitted some .p-files and Groepaz helped convert a couple of SBM-files. Uncle Ben submitted a whole bunch of his past productions: AWM Show, AWM Show 2, Girls They Want To Have Fun II, Insel Sex, Samantha Fox Dia-Show and Strip Convette! Acidchild provided me with some files from my Wanted-list: Dirty Western and Hotel Herpes. JSL still doesn't rest and creates C64 girls nonstop: Girls 1&2, For Kai (Thanks!), Girl 2, Girl 3 and Bathing Girl! TheRyk also pointed me to some demo pics: Aechzzeit, All Nude Demo, Bedlam, Ironman's Super Off Road, Dominators Intro, That's The Way It Is, Donkey Kong Title, Square Curves, Pandora 2 and along the way I also found R.U.K.O.S...

March 2012
More of the good stuff! Neon Vincent submitted several games that some people might call shallow - certainly not me: Blow Job, Commie Bob, Orgasmatron and Tit Attack. There's also some slideshows that Ian Coog created for Bambola Ramona, Erika Michelle Barre, Eva Henger, Samantha Fox and Veronika Zemanova. JSL never stops and submitted Ashley, Cherry, Cilly, Jill Anita, Maria, Orgy, Teresa, Xenia and another animated story called Gods. As if that wasn't enough we now also have MCM Girls 2, Mamutarium No.1, Legion Of The Damned uncensored and the tongue twisting Häiritsevä Tekijä by Ötökät! May I also point your attention to two clones of well-known games that Neon Vincent submitted and might spice up your next party: Pornopoly and Sex of Fortune.

Let's start clearing the queue! This update is dedicated to two excellent contributors: JSL and Neon Vincent! JSL graced us with more animated stories: Circus, Hackers, Hostage, Invasion, Stoned, UFO, Undead and Wilderness!
Neon Vincent gathered some rare Mac Pictures, sent me a fix for Varsity Team (finally!) and also provided cute new pics for the (randomized) entry page. :)
Sorry fo the delay, Tony usually finishes very fast.
I'd also like to mention two new little gems: Astrotit by Martin Sigley and Strip Poker Italian - thanks to Roberto for submitting it!

About time! I replaced some postcards and overhauled the whole script - check it out!
You have to thank JSL for most of this update - this dude is never-resting! Here's what he did: Atlantis, China Tales, Cock, Dracula, El Vada, Haunted, Ice, Space Whores, I'm coming and that's not the last of it...
Mombasa Joe was also busy - apart from a new version of Schlampen Senso (bugfixes & music) he created a new game - Goldshaft Deluxe. Another highlight is a 60-minute-movie: Deep Throat - yup, that movie.
We'll finish off with two more slideshows: Garfield Pics 2 and Löyly.

Here are the gems from this update: Schlampen Senso by Mombasa Joe (play it!), Torture 5 by Padua and two slideshows (galleries included) by Playboys: Big Boobs and Luis & Antonia.
I also added galleries to Sex Cartoons and Erotica so you can see the good stuff right away! Some more demo pics: Veronica, Sexy Part by Project Genesis, Sex II by Adam, Girl by Clone and Aaah by Leon.
Additionally, JSL has again been busy - here are loooots of pics by him! He's done more funny stories but that will have to wait until next update. :)

Okayyy, I added Sex Games by F/S Soft, Sexy Hexies by Brillant Software and two JSL creations: Flasback and Night of the Horny Dead. We finally have the Artworx Strip Poker manual - thanks to Volker Rust! Additionally, here's a new game for joystick lovers: Fucking Fiona (thanks Christian Fischer) Beyond Reproach sent us his creation Sexy Robot 2 including all pictures for our gallery - excellent! :-) Tony had some time on his hands and now there are (animated) galleries for Duos and Fuckdemo. Enjoy!

And now many games JSL gave me: Girls they want to have fun 2, Blow Job, Pornography, Wanky Doodle, Sexy Girly, Sexy Piccy, Country Lips and Manga Collection 2&5.
Why go back in time? Teletext Babez has a collection of current ads from (big surprise) GERMAN teletext pages. Owww. And while we're linking external sites - don't forget Seanbaby's Top 10 Naughtiest Games of All Time.

We received even more dirty files! Let's start clearing the queue, shall we ? Here's prOnshow by Tukka, a Delta Force Pic by Paddy, a wonderful (featuring a celebrity!) animation called Snow White by JSL, a finnish Blackjack version called Strip-Tease Ventti and the Mega Science Archives by JSL. We also added the manual for Sexy Hexies but we're still missing the program itself...
Nice, there was a comic strip featuring Strip Poker at! I heard the next ARPA strip will feature a very famous game... ;-)

More files for you! RTR Loves Pussy 17-18 - fun in Germany! (heheh) A cute little slideshow called Adult Show, a larger one called Girlshow and a taxing game called Zdeba Puzzle. We also added manuals (yup!) for Girls They Want To Have Fun, Hollywood Poker and Miss All Nude America. Remember, the Girls64 Cafépress Shop will close in the end of February. Last chance to get calendars..

To keep you naughty we added a bunch of new entries: Wet Dreams by Paradize, Fantasy Art 1 3 5 by Mayhem, Burtraesk by Afrika and even more Picshows from the horny duo JSL & RTR! I'll add galleries to JSL's "RTR Loves Pussy" series soon but I guess I'll have to split them up, there's just too many pics! Which is good. :-)
In case we won't meet again in the next weeks, have a very nice christmas and play some old games!

Don't worry, we'll still be updatig for some time to come. JSL, that hunk, is not planning to stop his nice RTR Loves Pussy series so we present you with lots of sequels! He also created a slideshow with the exceptional name "Porn" and this is one worth looking at. And no, you don't have to download it, all the funny pics are online. After adding the Incestdemo I added galleries to the new RTR Loves Pussy series as well. (I plan to do that with every new addition starting now!) The old ones will get theirs as well, rest assured. :) I also added an entry by MoM. ;)

Since we're a bit busy right now I just quickly added galleries for Fantasy Girl, Hollywood Poker, Strip Poker ver 2 and Animated Strip Poker. In case you've been wondering what we've been up to (teehee) and what's coming up *giggle*, we'll be checking the Wonderland demos from Censor Design and a dozen GB64 games. Oh yeah, galleries, of course! :)

New stuff for you (yup, still more coming up!): Lovely Desire, Serre, Pics by WEC, Girls of 64 banners and lots of excellent (and cheap ;) demos & animations by JSL. Oh yeah, the Playboyshow is now complete. Thank you! I was so happy I added galleries to Bunny Jagd, Dallax, Emanuelle and Erotika 3! That should keep you occupied for a while. ;)
Aadded some hot new shirts to the Spreadshirt shop. Summer is coming so slip into those tight shirts! Candi got hot just by reading this review of Girls of 64. ;)

Apart from a little change in design the Archive is now database powered meaning better navigation for you and easier upgrading for me. (Candi doesn't do tech, she's always busy looking great.) Oh yeah. Check out some Girls of 64 wallpapers and an interesting stroker clone..
As of now our Sexy Retro Shop is open! Groovy clothes is not all we have - how about a 12-month calendar with your favourite motives from Girls of '64 ? A Stroker mug ? Take a look around.

8.2.2004 (earlier links won't work due to upgrade to database)
This time we added some more galleries and while doing that I saw a preview pic and added the appropriate request right away: Dirty Western by A&S Soft. The Duos can also be found in the animation section now since the Duos section is going to be replaced with some sexy game covers. (remember Barbarian ? :) If you have any or know sites that have general ad or cover galleries... drop us an eMail nooow!
Added pics from Bloempjes & Byties and galleries for Blue Angel 69 & Cover Girl Strip Poker, more to come!
In addition to X-movie 01 and Kalenteri we added some games from GB64: Another Sex Adventure, David Powell's Sex Quest, Sex Quiz, Sex Sex Sex, Sexy Ball, Sexy Ghosts 'n' Goblins and Soho Sex Quest. (guess our search query ;-)

Heading into 2004 we still have lots of stuff to fulfill your dirty 8bit needs. This
update we bring you several pics by Sparkler/Megastyle: Brainstorm 3, Final Elf,
Lust, Star, Upscroll and Vogue. We also removed another request - Rasputin!
Additionally, we added a lot of german 'interactive movies' (yeah right) by A&S Soft,
creators of Erotika 1 & 2. Their games have a pretty cheap parser so getting the
hang of it might be a bit difficult. (a peek with a hex editor might help :-) Or just
wait until Tony plays them all through and posts the pics. (yup, we're eventually
posting all the game pics for your convenience) Here are the games: Bunny Jagd,
Dallax, Dream Girls, Erotika 3, Emanuelle, Fantasy Girl, Sex Mission.

Ok, we added fixed versions (and Pokes! :) of Strip Sam & Maria Whittaker.
Another calendar for your printer, a new Angels slideshow and of course
some games: Sexy Robot, Porn II, Porno Show and, well, Hardporn. :)
Just had this idea while browsing the site. right now you have to download
and start all the files to see the pics. It's not that bad with the slideshows but
playing through all the games ?! No way.
Yes, that means eventually we'll add a gallery for every game! (take a look
at Sexy Robot for example) And after that we'll get to the slides...
Oh yeah, lots of new diskmag pixxx: Relax, Propaganda, Fake, Sex 'n' Crime,
Skyhigh and Violation.

There's enough material for a couple of updates so you can keep going back
to puberty! :-) Take this Stroker remake for instance.
Ok, here we go: Our German games special: Bums ein Mädel, Fick Dich selbst,
Glenn or Glenda, Pariserqueste, Pimmel Action and Sack ab. An animation
called Schmutz, a brillant slideshow called Schweinerei and pics from the little
demo Funtime. Additionally, TSF Rag, Love Game 2003, Presswurst 2, Horny
, a new Pornoshow and a piece of IF: Interstate Zero.

This update we added lots of Angels stuff and some info on pictures like the
Set Piece pic and one from the Fruits demo. More files to make our Angels
collection complete: Overheated, Sex 10, Springtime 2, The Real Hardcore 2
and Wunschtraum 4 & 5!

In case you didn't notice - we have a new guestbook. Makes deleting the
guys from India more fun! I also added a request (Rasputin pic). And then
there's those cute little Printshop Pics which I really dig! Stay tuned for more!

Added pics to the printer proggies from last update! Tony wanted another
slideshow for Sam Fox Poker which runs by itself. ;)
We also added a nice ASCII movie called Hawaii and pics from the demos
Fata Morgana, Late Ejaculation ;) and Soiled Legacy. To round it up, there's
a new Stroker 2 ad and an Artworx ad!

Created Stroker 2 page and added groovy flyers! Games: Porn Barbarian 2,
Hornyville, Love Bytes and Love Game. Slides: Pornoflix & X-treme X-tasy.
The animations section (where we added Don't bite and Lollypop) now has
misc smutsoft as well: Printer Art 1, Nude Calendar and Moans.
Some Macpaint pics: Sam Fox and Sasha!

Added Big Momma 1+2 (SEUCK games), Soap Opera, a pic from a WSOW 'ad'
and a slideshow for the Strip Donna and Strip Sam series. Additionally, check
out the walkthrough to Drive-In.

Added to requests: Real pictures of any C64 porn pics, especially games!
Slideshow pics only from 1995 and before please - I know all the others from
the net. ;-) We also added Farmsong 4, Politics 3, Pornoshow RLS,
Varsity Team, Our Style part 4, a new version of Cover Girl Strip Poker including
a slideshow, Attack of the Mutant Pricks, Bof and Nude Bytes, a little Hollywood
Poker slideshow.

Thanks to Armaeth we now have a fixed Artworx Strip Poker. (same applies
to Sexy Breakout - the corrupt pics are now clean) A pic was missing and now
the small strip shows on the disks finally work and we have a better cover scan! :-P
We also added the original to Smash Design's cindy pic and 'Ripeness' by
Saehn. You'll also want to check out the Barbarian crack by Remember.. ;)
And the awesome pic (sigh) from STM's 'Dreaming' demo...

Finally added a FAQ! We're also looking for a clean version of Maria
Whittaker's Strip Poker.
('clean' meaning 'no corrupted pictures' :)
Meanwhile, I added the poster from the Vixen game and got an eMail from
the naughty guys at VSP Interactive about their Strip Poker game including
a tribute to (sorry, Candi) Marlena! Read more on this in my- err, OUR Artworx
More updates soon. Hey, I can't wait either!

Index of Angels contacted us - the result is a fixed Sex 1, an updated Sex 3 and
8 new slides! Abduction, Andromedae, Prelude, Private Parts, The Real
(new postcard!), Springtime and Wunschtraum 2 & 3!
I also upgraded the Fuckahlady and Awakening pics in the Demo Pics
section (better color palette), thanks to Roger "Ranger" Johansson! I added the
Pervo Sex Texts by Panoramic Designs and created an updates mailing list!

This update I have some real women for you! Some secret pics of Hollywood
Poker Pro's Ines
have surfaced and I put them online right away! Take a look!
Additionally, the Overkiller provided us with some pics: The Slut and She-Devil
and a great animation called Lost in Cave - do not miss it! :-)

Artworx Strip Poker (how could I forget that one) and Rhaa Lovely 2
available for download. Additionally, the animation from Anime-tion :)
and pics from Manga Overdose. The woman from the Decent Strip Poker
has been identified: Traci Adell, Playmate of July 94. And as if
that wasn't enough, I changed the Artworx section to "Game Tribute Pages"
and added the Hollywood Poker Pro Gallery!

Added some games: Tiffany, Vixen, Elvira 1 & 2 and Sodoma.
Oh, and the following pics from MS2001:
Blade, Creatures of the Sea, Embryo, Hires World, Schlümpfe and Tears.

Hey cool, another 8 bit porn site! (password is 'pixel')

Tweaked layout and added some pics: Samantha, X-Rated Intro, Shocker,
Wand-Her and a little game called Fuckman! Updated requests section.

Overhauled the postcard script, moved it entirely to my server (your eMail
addies are safe with me) and doubled the postcards you can choose from.
As you can see, this update page exists as of now. :)