"Barbarian" by Palace Software (more from this author)
You're asking why we included Barbarian, the classic fighting game ?
Easy. Take a look at the screenshots. Now that's what I call a decent crack,
every game should have something similar! Could've been my idea... ;o)

"Barbarian 2 Porn version" by AEG Soft (more from this author)
I prefer this one since the male is in the nude as well!
Hard choice between those two, no ? :-) Barbarian 1 and 2
(normal clean versions, yes) are included on the disk.

Hey yeah, this game is just like real life! All the women want
to be boffed and you walk around town giving it to them. The
player must be one of the cooles animations I have seen... :)

"Commie Bob" by Marauder and Pyro (more from this author)
Remember? In the 80s all the
communists used to mate with cats.

"Fuckman" by SGL and GAA (more from this author)
You have to guide Freddie to his beloved Lolita. No,
actually you have to guide him into his beloved Lolita.

"Sexacuda" by Peter Pan Software Pirates (more from this author)
Whee, I can eat little green penises! ;-7

"Sexy Ball"
Heyyy, it's a Pang clone! You must choose your dreamgirl
(can't decide between those beauties heh) and after every
successful level you'll see a bit more of her naked body! Go!

"Sexy Breakout" by Michele Clinco (more from this author)
Press F7 to start the joystick game. Mmhh...
the trainer gives you unlimited balls. *giggle*

"Sexy Ghosts 'n' Goblins" by Zoo/TMT (more from this author)
Zombies come get some!! I'll kill you by throwing penises at you and while doing
that I'll collect stoned Pacman ghosts and Commodore tapes for bonus points!

"Spermer" by 2000 A.D. and Zargon (more from this author)
A Q-Bert clone with little penises! How cuute!