"Another Sex Adventure" by Particle Soft (more from this author)

"Bite of the Sorority Vampires" see "Sex and Violence Vol 1"

"Bums ein Mädel" by Jack the Rapper and Mr. Joker (Breit Night) (more from this author)

"Bunny Jagd" by A&S Soft (more from this author)
Your task is to find the most beautiful girl in the world
for the Miss Comittee. Many girls will cross your path...
enjoy and find the one! How's that for a story ? ; )

"Dallax - Sex and crime in Southfork" by A&S Soft (more from this author)
You are a reporter for a sleazy tabloid in Dallas
called "Morning Cost". The oil barons are having a
party in Southfork and you're about to play Paparazzi..

"David Powell's Sex Quest"
Interesting. After the disclaimer the game asks you what to do
next. After typing "Help" and being told to stick my head down a
bog (heh) I tried "Start" and, well, then the game begins. Cute.

"Dream Girls" by A&S Soft (more from this author)
You're an aspiring reporter trying to find a job at "Dream
Girls" which is one of those magazines. During the game
you're supposed to uncover a huge scandal! Gosh!

"Drive-In" by Douglas C. Rogers (more from this author)
Before putting this walkthrough online I actually thought
about selling it big time as a manual on how to pick up
women. Secretly of course. You know how they hate it
when you go 'by the book'... being creative and all...

Shut. Up. Now. There is no manual. Never ever!

"Emanuelle" by A&S Soft (more from this author)

"Erotika" by A&S Soft (more from this author)
Today you would call this German game an interactive movie. But
it's more of a mixture between a slideshow and a text adventure.
You're some sort of private eye in the future and must defeat an
army of zombies and their leader. You'll also meet cute girls. ;)