"Elvira" by Flair Soft (more from this author)

"Elvira 2" by Flair Soft (more from this author)

"Girltest" by TSR (more from this author)
Cool, let your loyal C64 choose the right woman for you by evaluating
your answers to certain questions. Of course the answer depends on what
you need her for. ;-) There's also a German version called Maedchentest.

"Harry der Fensterputzer" by Brillant Software (more from this author)
Another one of my favourites! This German game (which translates to
"Harry the Window Cleaner") lets you peek into houses. Oooh! If only he
would wash faster... fortunately there's a slideshow available. :-P

This is a german version of the so called Girltest.
Why is there no Boytest for us undecided ladies ?

"Playboy Preview" by Radarsoft (more from this author)

"Sack ab" by Mr. Joker (more from this author)
Duh, mine always gets bitten off...

"Strip Roulette" by HOT Software (more from this author)

"Tiffany" by Double Density (more from this author)
A german one-armed bandit simulator.
At least you don't have to pay on your C64.