"Dr. Ruth's computer game of good sex" by Avalon Hill (more from this author)
I liked this one - gave me some interesting insights...
Tony wasn't that ecstatic. Why you ask ? Two reasons:
a) This game is just a wee bit intellectually demanding.
b) "Aww, Candi, where are the pictures ?! Gimme babes!"

"Love Bytes" by Ray de Jong (more from this author)
I can recommend this game to all women! No lame excuse for the
primal male to *not* take his time. An example: "Tony, caress Candi's
[insert fave body part here]! You have two minutes. Time starts now."
Cool! ;-) In case you're more than two people check out Love Game!

"Love Game" by Alva Data (more from this author)
This time you can play with as many people as you want.
I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. *teheheee*

"Love Game 2003" by Cout (more from this author)
Mmhh...Lesbian Edition...sounds like fun...

"Miss All Nude America" by Brillant Software (more from this author)
Your typical macho game. First enter how many there are in the Jury,
then their names. Now you can judge face, boobs, overall appearance
and the computer will calculate the winner based on your ratings...
Didn't get it ? Then read the manual. I know I had to: [1] [2]

"Pornopoly" by Sexworks Software (more from this author)
Now here somebody put some effort into a game! All the streets have been
renamed and removing clothes is part of rental payment. When you build brothels
the rent becomes even more interesting. Have fun at your next Pornopoly evening.
See you at Crotch Avenue - and don't forget to pay your "jack off tax". (really!)

"Schlampen Senso" by Mombasa Joe (more from this author)
Ahh, another German masterpiece. This actually is a Simon clone
with, well, sluts. Remember the correct combination and you might
reach the extra bonus farting game - fun, albeit a bit, err, shallow.


"Sex Of Fortune" by B.M. and the Porno Kings (more from this author)
Unfortunately for my friend Tony, in this Wheel Of Fortune clone you have to
invest some brainwork and there is no eye candy. You have to guess either a title,
an occupation or a phrase. Check out the hilarious examples from the listing above.

"Sex Quiz (female version)" by Onslow Comtek (more from this author)
One of Onslow Comtek's Party Tape! series. This is the female
version so men are only allowed to watch! (Tony wanted to try it
first: "Sorry Tony, please obtain the male version." Poor guy. ;-)

"Sex Quiz (male version)" by Onslow Comtek (more from this author)
The male version is virtually identical to the female version
so by watching Candi play I already saw everything, oh yes.