"About the Buccaneer's Mom" see "CBM-Movie"

"Aechzzeit" by Nuance (more from this author)

"Animated Act" by Death Sector (more from this author)
Whoa. Many nice animations/vidcaps in this demo so
I filed this sweetie under animations. Enjoy yourself.

"Anime-tion" by Ninja/The Dreams (more from this author)

"Atlantis" by JSL (more from this author)
JSL is never resting!

You know, I think I saw similar
pictures in a gallery of modern art...
For a more complete version
try Sex Games by F/S Soft.

"Beach Fuck" see "Farm Song 4"

"Blow Job" by SC (more from this author)

"Blow Job" by Wild Child and Neon Vincent (more from this author)

Talk about ASCII art! ;) You can skip the german intro (which was
supposed to be an age check but got 'cracked', duh!) by pressing
Return several times. Until the show starts! This little piece of
software must be known by at least a hundred different names!